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A Values-Driven Vision

Small-Time Marketing was born out of the passionate work of decades in marketing. As such, our values are incredibly important and define how we help our clients achieve their business goals.

Take Smaller Steps

We use Micro Goals and Micro Activities to achieve big things for our customers. And we practice small steps in our own lives as well.

Act Now

The enemy of success is procrastination. Although I am as guilty as anyone else (and more than some) of watching TV when I should be writing, the only way to change a habit is to replace it with another. I put in practice the art of acting now and teach all employees and clients of Small-Time Marketing to do the same.

What You Do Matters

This is not just a value, it’s our tagline. Each member of the Small-Time Marketing team must understand that what we do matters and that what our clients do matters.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Why do I volunteer to help small businesses, committing to not charge those specific people for my business coaching? Because a rising tide lifts all boats. Understanding this helps us understand how to make our marketing platforms. We do not focus on the cheap conversion, or the fast sale. We focus on building a rising tide that benefits our client and her customers.

Create Win-Win-Wins

When marketing works well, everyone wins. We all believe the story that is being told and it is a true story. Everyone wins. Our clients win because they are able to pay their bills, their customers win because they receive something of value and have a good experience.

Think Big Thoughts

If you have not heard about Big Data, do you live under a rock? Small-Time Marketing loves big data, but that is because we love big thinking in every form we can find it. We find it interesting when a social media channel delivers an ad that we were just thinking about because the story our observable online behavior was telling was accurate. We love it when someone challenges us to learn a new language, or when someone wants to study how far down the about page customers are scrolling. Big data, big thoughts, all go together.

The Founder

I started marketing for small businesses in 2015 under the name Paul Davis Solutions. After 5 years, we realized that the name Paul Davis Solutions did not fit my business or my customers’ needs.

So we rebranded to Smal-Time Marketing: What You Do Matters.

Before the pandemic hit, I was running a small team with 3 other part time workers and we are working to rebuild to that level.

Small-Time Marketing is not just a small agency, we are a movement of people who love small business.

So, stick around, sign up for newsletters (once I get around to the signup forms), read and watch a whole slew of content for free on marketing, business, and living the life of a small business owner (affectionately called slashies by my friend Jennifer Belk at Loom Coworking and Event Space).

And if you need immediate help marketing your small business, feel free to contact me.

~Nathan Paul Davis

ps. If you are typical of many of my clients, you might like to know more about me so here are some pictures of me, my family, and things I like.

In no particular order.