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My biggest hurdle for marketing was photo editing. Adobe and Apple products require significant investments of both time and money to learn.

Add in the fact that I am red-green color deficient and you have a recipe for a long-road getting from idea to marketing agency.

Recently Canva and Eye Dropper tool have both empowered me to provide quality and affordable marketing images for my customers.

They are simple to use and free to start.

With EyeDropper tool, you can select color schemes that match your internal vision of your business. With Canva, you can transform a color scheme into visual content for web and for print.

You can use either one of these tools to grow your photo-editing skills, quickly touch up a social media photo, or design a digital brochure.

Together, use these tools to create the right images, logos, and flyers to cashflow your business from small-time to prime-time.