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Getting more stuff done is a constant struggle. As a small business owner, student, teacher, dad, husband, and non-profit leader, I’m constantly juggling multiple tasks.

As inflation makes it more difficult to hire help, there is one discipline that can help busy business owners get more done.


There are computer algorithms for generating content. Some business owners use these AI writers to save time.

I will write reviews of some of the common AI writing programs when I have time and resources to give them a good test drive.

Right now, I use online automations in email sequences, social media communications, and customer service and follow-up. Although it might seem a little old school, but the first major automation to make its way into our homes are still automations I use constantly. A dish washer washes my dishes for me while I write. Two laundry machines wash and dry my clothes, saving hours a week in labor.

AI will never replace human creativity, at least not in the foreseeable future. But, it is a useful tool to help reduce your costs and increase your efficiency.

Besides using machines to increase your efficiency at home, I recommend that you use Messenger drip sequences, a CRM with automation, content schedulers, and Zapier-like integration tools.

Sound too complicated?

Leave a comment with what tasks you want to automate, and I will reply with a possible solution to help your business work more efficiently.