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Scriptures tell us, whatever you do, do it with all your heart, to please God, not people. (Yes, I am paraphrasing, don’t like paraphrased quotes? This might not be the blog you’re looking for.)

When we are working on our business, we need to be consistently and constantly practicing our main things.

When I am working on advancing my language skills, my musical abilities, or my ability to run an afternoon grill shift at my day job, I have to work at these things every day.

For today’s 30-day blogging post, the advice was to do a listicle.

My problem is listicles take 2 days to really write, edit, do the SEO design on, and finalize them into WordPress.

So I wrote the short (2100 words short) listicle on things I wish I had known before starting a small business. For Aletheia, I have written 12 reasons you should attend our college (to counteract the 4 reasons you should not I wrote earlier). For both these blogs, I was not ready by the end of the day.

So I am writing about the practice of writing. How if you write something every day, you will always have something to publish even if it is not what you set out to do.

Same thing with cooking every day if you want to open a restaurant. Or reading and practicing healthy living if you are a coach. Or, you get the picture.

So, practice doing your craft, because what you do matters!

And I’ll see you here tomorrow.

Same place. Same time… actually, don’t quote me on the time.

~N Paul Davis