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As I write this blog, I have solved a Rubik’s cube, read a news article and flipped my pen approximately eleven times.

Many small business owners get into business because like me, they are easily distracted and enjoy the creative process of running a business.

For us, the biggest problem we will face in our time management is the inevitable temptation to:

  • watch something
  • play something
  • open a social news feed to just browse.

We need to build a business but we spend our time being distracted.

As I focus on getting Small Time Marketing moving, I have to delete games, use pen and paper, and use physical fidget devices and puzzles like a Rubik’s cube. These devices help me focus on the work I need to do.

So if you find your business activities to be below your goals, get a popper or a spinner, a cube or different puzzle.

Delete the digital games from your work environment. Only open your browser when you have a specific need.

You’ll thank me later.