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There’s a phrase I’ve heard in self-improvement seminars the world over. “Those who aim at nothing hit it every time.”

This quippy quote means that you need to set goals or you won’t get anything done. It’s a nice quote, except it does not help us understand the most powerful benefit of goal-setting for an ADD business owner.

This quote, and others like it, teach us to set our goals as targets to aim at. They ask us to focus on achieving some key indicator of our success and continued movement.


I don’t set goals as targets.

I set them as mile-markers, lining the path to a successful day, a successful month, a successful business.

If a goal is too far away, we lose interest.

If a difficult goal is achieved, we get distracted.

When I set goals as targets to achieve, I am constantly vacillating between hyper-focus and meandering exploration.

Instead of target goals, I set many mile-marker goals. In my daily to-do list, I have over 100 goals.

Each day.

I have goals to shower and to take vitamins, to do chores and spend time with family. These are important things that I will absolutely forget to do if my only goal is to publish an online course or create a monthly content calendar.

I also set goals to write blogs, make a certain number of sales calls, post to social media, and learn about my business.

With so many goals, they become less of a target and more of a series of victories I achieve every day.

This is fun goal setting for an ADD business owner.

If I get distracted from writing, I can clean, learn a language, or practice violin. If I get distracted from cleaning the kitchen, I can write a blog.

Right now, I am writing this blog while waiting outside the doctor’s office for my wife and kids to come out.

  • Take family to doctors? Check!
  • Write Small Time ME Blog? Check!

So, the simple answer to the question “How many goals is enough?” is

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