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Building a business with ADD requires a lot of time, energy, and dedication to the art of entrepreneurship. One aspect we all must practice is the fine art of salesmanship.

  • Sales is about listening.
  • Sales is about being present for your customers.
  • Sales is also about numbers.

If you have a hard time paying attention, the numbers are easy to count.

When you sell, you are attempting to connect with another human. You are attempting to help them decide what they need and want.

The simplest way to tell whether you are practicing the fine art of sales is to collect NOs. If you are talking to customers about the possible, people will tell you no more often than not.

It’s a competition, a collection.

If you talk to people about your business, you will get negative responses more than affirmative responses. When you collect a no, you learn.

You learn what people prefer.

You learn how to still serve someone after a no.

You learn how to change your sales process to get a yes.

When life is too hectic and scattered, simplify your thought process by doing one thing.

Practice it.

Collect a no, and then one more.