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Dealing with our bodies is often a pain. Lack of proper nutrients can lead to depression, anxiety, confusion, hyperactivity, and a host of other non-business-friendly conditions.

The last 7 blogs I have written have been part of a 12 part series to help business owners who have ADD, like me. In this context, nutrition is a key area of focus. I am not an expert in nutrition, but I want to encourage you to find experts, find the right information, and get your nutrition under control.

Without proper nutrition, I do not have energy or mental clarity. That is why I spend a lot of time thinking, researching, and practicing healthier eating, active living, and using the right supplements for my unique needs.

If you are going to deal with ADD or any other mental or physical hurdle, take time to research and practice healthier living.

I say healthier living rather than healthy living because there is no standard that all humans can pursue to do our best work.

In my nutrition journey, I supplement regularly with B-vitamins because my body does not get them out of my food very easily.

And so on.

As you are building your business, don’t neglect to invest in your physical ability to work.

Stay hydrated.

Get enough sleep.

And invest time in learning the nutrition your body needs.