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Alexander conquered the world before he was 30. John Quincy Adams was a US Ambassador at 13. Simone Biles was the most accomplished gymnast in the world by the time she was 22.

It can be easy to idolize the success of youth, but if you want to build success that means the most for you and for those around you, you are going to face major failure.

You are going to learn from it.

You are going to get back up and carry on.

Succes or Legacy?

Alexander died in a foreign land and his empire was split between factions. John Quincy Adams lived a long life. Some of his most substantial political contributions came much later, after many falures. Simone Biles’ story is still being written.

I have failed in business more times than I care to count.

That doesn’t matter.

As someone whose attention is always on everything, it is inevitable that I fail a few times as I learn the systems and habits necessary to succeed.

You too.

You will fail.

You will find something that interests you, and lose interest.

You will set goals and miss them.

Get back up. Retry things that interested you in the past. Set better goals and achieve them.

It does not matter how many times you fail.

It only matters if you get back up.

One more time.

And again.

And again.

You can succeed at business with ADD as long as you realize that each step of failure is another wonderful, entertaining moment to try again.