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Restaurant owners, contractors, and fitness instructors are all lucky. Your work brings physical activity necessary for your health and financial wellness.

For many small business owners, we spend too much time sitting. We sit when we write on the computer. We sit when we consult with our patients or clients. We sit when we are in meetings or driving a car.

Small business owners who work overtime in their business spend too much time sitting.

So much sitting.

If you are going to have the energy to run a modern business, you need to take time to get physically active.

During the shutdown in 2020, I started the year trying to work from home. I was unable to get my business up and running and I was the heaviest I have ever been by September of 2020.

In December, I got a job waiting tables at a local restaurant. The constant hours of walking, lifting trays, carrying things all added together to get me in better shape than I have been in some time.

As I transition back to the information workplace, I realize how needed the activity level of waiting tables is for my health and ability to keep growing this business.

In order to keep my focus and my health going forward, I have to be even more intentional about my physical activities. I have to increase the amount of aerobic and anaerobic exercise I do. I have to intentionally leave the comfort of my garage office and get outside.

If you want to be able to focus, to keep your health, and to manage the stress of starting and running your own business, it’s time to get physical.

My routine currently involves double walks with an active poodle, fascial mobility to start my day, and attention to nutrition.

What physical routine do you use to keep your energy levels up?