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I had this question come up at a recent seminar I was teaching. A new business owner wanted to know if she should reach out to an organization to see if her business could be listed on their website.

The answer was yes.

Marketing is about communication, and the more we communicate, the more we are able to market.

Even if you are not ready to be featured on someone else’s website, start the communication. You will never know what type of relationships may come from communicating with other people in your industry.

I have made the mistake of trying to keep a business idea secret because of the fear that someone else will come out with it before you do. Don’t give in to that fear. There are no new business ideas, just new people. You are what makes your business unique, and if you are not communicating that to the world, then no one will have a reason to trust you with their business.

So, go reach out to websites that are ahead of you in marketing, see whether you can connect with the humans on the other side of the digital divide. Make friends, influence people, do what matters.