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A small business is not a way to get rich. To any who say it is, I say,


When I stand in a parking lot outside a row of small businesses, I see hard workers, I see practiced craftsmen and women.

I see wealth beyond the formulas of Robert Kiyosaki or Dave Ramsey’s 7th Baby Step. Yes, those principles are at work in small business, but the wealth that these hard working men and women create is more than financial.

Small businesses are everywhere and they are the middle class of the 21st Century. Masons and electricians, potters and artists, tech repair and installation; the skills, products, and services we need to live our amazing modern lives are built on the foundation of small businesses.

A small business is always the little engine that could. As long as business owners keep working hard and we keep thinking we can, we’re right: we can.

You can.

We have to pivot when competition is better, cheaper, or faster than us. But we can pivot, because we are small. We are able to build relationships with our customers in ways that no large group of people can. And our customers help us pivot in the face of difficulty.

A business might just be a retired couple who loves art. It might be a young family starting out in life. And it might be anyone in between. But, the key thing about all successful small businesses is that they keep thinking they can, and they serve many people because of it.

Small time business. Yeah, it matters.

~Nathan Paul Davis

I get to enjoy the hospitality of a small business in Maadi, Egypt.