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When a group of Redditors came together this month, they breathed new life into the company Gamestop and cost large hedgefunds billions of dollars.

This example shows the power of individual initiative in a free market. While many of those buying Gamestop stock were just wanting to stick it to the man, the leaders of this movement saw an opportunity to buy in a company that they thought was undervalued. They saw a company that had an opportunity to make a big comeback and through their own initiative and industry, they were able to convince others to purchase and hold stock in several undervalued companies.

The power of the individual acting according to his or her beliefs is a tremendous power. It is why I love Small-Time Marketing: my customers are not just clients, they are partners. I get to help small business owners stay in business and change the world in small but meaningful ways.

And who knows, Small-Time Marketing may help the little guy take on the Goliath of Wall Street, or Silicon Valley, or DC, and win.

This is why we do what we do, because your business initiative matters.

What you do matters. How can I partner with you to do it better?