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Small businesses require consistency to succeed. One issue we face as small business owners is the fact that we love the freedom of being our own boss.

I have the freedom to work from my car while waiting for my kids to finish therapy. I have freedom to work from home or a coffee shop, from North Carolina or from Cairo, Egypt.

With all that “freedom” it is easy to get so distracted nothing ever gets done.

In order to avoid choice paralysis and shiny object syndrome, we must develop habits that help us achieve our goals.

Here are a couple of my habits that help me achieve success in my business:

  • Write on Pen and Paper – I love technology but it can be so distracting. Take a pen to paper if you need focused creative writing time.
  • Physical to do lists – Every morning I write out my to-do list for the day in a leather-bound bullet journal. Today’s list had 94 items, some with sub-items. When tracking so many items, from taking my vitamins to uploading an online course, electronic lists are too easy to lose sight of.
  • Write them down –
  • Be Intentional – I am tracking personal goals, business goals, family goals. When you are in business, if you do not decide what is worth spending your time on, you will discover you spent it all on nothing.

Be intentional.

These are some of my habits for small business success. What are yours?

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