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Small-Time Marketing builds a marketing system that lasts for our clients; this reduces the customer acquisition cost over time. The longer a client stays with Small-Time Marketing’s managed marketing services, the more competitive the CAC becomes.

For example, we were able to get customers for a tax preparer at a total CAC of approximately $10 per customer. This freed up the staff to be able to focus on serving customers who walked in the door, called on the phone, or signed up via email/social media.

Another customer, an animal removal specialist, hired us to set up his marketing and do 3 months of SEO. The first year after the campaign, his wildlife removal business earned $70,000, a tremendous return on a minimal investment.

Most small businesses do not need a high converting funnel set up, they need a functioning presence on multiple platforms, they need the right SEO, they need to have a website updated regularly. By fulfilling the needs of small local businesses and startups, Small-Time Marketing provides a foundation for marketing growth.