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Simon Sinek wrote the literal and literary book called Start with Why.

Just the title is its own book.

When I am helping people think about starting a business, or changing a career, or … I run into the fact that your why is often a who.

Who do you want to do this for?

Many gurus will talk about why you need to do something for yourself, not for others.

I don’t think that self-motivation is nearly as powerful as joyful connections with others. That’s one of the differences from looking at the world through Christ-colored glasses. I tend to take that whole love your neighbor as you love yourself bit seriously.

My why is my closest neighbors: my family.

Sometimes people start a business because they need to care for their selves, and that is ok too. It’s just not me.

Start with Why?

When I teach the business of running a one-room school to students at Aletheia Christian College, their why is always a person. It might be a child or a grandkid. It might be a friend or a neighbor. It might even be a desire to serve God.

But, a school, like any business is hard work. I know many people who have worked in education without ever earning an income. I know business owners who can’t pay themselves some months too.

When I started in business, I thought my why was that I wanted to make more money than I could as an employee.

Boy, that was foolish.

The brand Small Time Marketing is something that I created to really showcase why I love consulting and marketing services for small business: because what YOU do matters.

When my clients win because of my work, I love that.

When I get to serve people who pour their heart and soul into small businesses, into ministries, into serving others, I love that.

For Small Time Marketing, my why is you.

What You Do Matters.

So, as you look at your business or consider starting one, who is your why?

Who do you want to do this for?

Please feel free to leave a comment describing why you do what you do.

PS. If you’re wondering why there was a goat on the featured image, I thought it was cute. Sometimes your why is simply: just because.