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I recently started volunteering with SCORE Charlotte, an organization dedicated to helping small businesses through mentoring.

This is a volunteer position and one that I cannot ethically recruit clients from.

Why am I volunteering with the busy life a business owner leads?

The same reasons you should seek to both receive and give mentoring.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

If you’ve been around marketing for very long, you’ve heard this proverb before (And if you haven’t heard it before, YAY! I got to introduce you to one of my favorite ideas).

When someone is doing well, everyone benefits. When I give mentoring to people for free through this organization, I am helping people who otherwise would not be able to hire me. When I, or you, get free mentoring, we are growing so that we can better provide for our customers, staff, and dependents.

As your business grows, you are able to spend money on better and more products and services. You are able to hire more employees. You are able to invest your profits, give to charities of your choice, and spend your profits in your community.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Marketing Has to Be Win-Win

I am working with SCORE and giving through other means because I believe in the win-win of the market place. In order for my customers to need me, there needs to be a plethora of small businesses who are winning at business.

So, I work to improve the small business landscape in my community, even if I have to work for free.

So, if you cannot afford to hire me (give me a call for a quote, 704-286-2118), then hop on over to SCORE and let the amazing team of volunteers place you with a qualified mentor.