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We live in the 21st century: we can chat with each other via video and via audio. We can play music together and dance, or watch a presidential speech and play a drinking game thousands of miles apart.

Why, with so much more personal ways of connecting, do businesses still use simple text blogs?


  1. They Cost Less – All you have to pay for to write a text blog is a computer with internet access. No fancy cameras, no high-speed connections, no editing software. Just you and a keyboard.
  2. They Get to the Point – I have read many gargantuan blogs, but some of the best blogs are written quickly and read faster than they were written. Many readers can read faster than they can listen or watch a video.
  3. A Unique Voice – Books are still a going concern in the marketplace. Despite radio, tv, games, movies, and ebooks/audiobooks, the written word (on paper no less) still communicates to significant numbers of people. A written blog can reach people who will never interact with your business on audio or visual formats alone.

Like many parts of marketing, we recommend and create marketing materials in different media types for our customers including simple written blogs.

Sometimes we even ditch the featured image (not often because the image really does help with sharing to social media, user experience and other things).

So, do you still use simple text blogs or micro-blogs?